Red Hot Media is a leading flexible eyelet and vinyl weeding machine supplier.

Flexible eyelet machines

An eyelet machine makes a hole in the fabric and then inserts an eyelet into it. It typically has a die head for creating the hole and a punch for inserting the eyelet into the hole. The size of the hole punched in the fabric is determined by the size of the eyelet. As a flexible eyelet machine supplier, we offer semi-automatic and automatic machines.

A semi-automatic eyelet machine is an electric device that uses a foot pedal to operate. It is ideal for businesses that need to insert eyelets into a large amount of fabric.

Automatic machines are quick and simple to use and take up little space. Furthermore, it can punch a hole in thicker fabrics, making it ideal for businesses that need to insert eyelets into heavy-duty materials.


Eyelet – Semi-Auto – 12mm
Eyelet – Semi-Auto – 6mm
Eyelet – Semi-Auto – 10mm
Silver Eyelets – Auto – 12mm – 1 000 pack
Silver Eyelets – Auto – 6mm – 1 000 pack


VR15-850 Vinyl Weeding Machine 850mm
VR15-1430 Vinyl Weeding Machine 1 430mm
VR15-1700 Vinyl Weeding Machine 1 700mm
Vinyl Weeding Machine
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