Self Adhesive Vinyls

The Red Hot Media range of heavy duty truck tarpaulin up to 900gsm includes standard black and blue as well as coated options for digital printing.  Printable truck tarpaulin is a great way to brand your client’s fleet of transport vehicles.
Truck tarpaulin is designed to handle the harsh elements and extreme winds they will be exposed to when transporting goods on the roads.  However we strongly suggest that a liquid laminate be used to preserve print quality in these harsh conditions.
Please remember that due to the weight of heavy duty printable truck tarpaulin, you will need to be running a heavy duty – ultra production digital printer.  If you’re unsure, please check with your printer supplier whether your printer is robust enough to handle printable truck tarpaulin.
If you’re looking for a printer supplier who can supply a suitable printer for printing truck tarpaulin, we recommend Nashakele Specialist Imports.  They offer onsite technical support and their range of digital outdoor printers is reasonably priced.

Examples of Truck Tarpaulin Applications



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